Trends in E-commerce 2014

Renewing the Focus on Sellside Client-centric Thinking

GreySpark Partners presents a report examining the latest developments in sellside e-commerce offerings.

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Trends in FX Trading 2014

Signs of the Emerging All-to-All Market Structure

A new report by GreySpark Partners explores signs of the emerging All-to-All market structure for flow FX trading in 2014.

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T+2 Settlement Implementation in Europe: Challenges to APAC Readiness

GreySpark Partners presents a report that examines the significant changes to global settlement practices triggered by the EU’s Oct. 6, 2014 move to T+2 settlement.

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Best Practices in Pre-trade Risk Controls 2014

Conducting Risk Control Assessments of Electronic Execution Systems

GreySpark Partners presents a report examining best practices in the creation and implementation of electronic trading pre-trade risk controls for sellside automated trade execution systems.

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