RMB Internationalisation

Easing Foreign Investor Access to Mainland China

A report outlining the status of RMB internationalisation in the global macroeconomic environment.


Collateral Optimisation

Challenges and Opportunities

This report examines the sellside collateral management landscape in 2015 through an exploration of issues facing operations teams seeking optimal solutions to complex challenges.


Buyer’s Guide: Fixed Income E-trading

Evolution of Vendor Offerings for Fixed Income

The vendor landscape for fixed income trading solutions is maturing. As the trading of fixed income products becomes increasingly electronic, the need for technology vendor solutions to support market connectivity, pricing functionality and other e-commerce-related requirements emerges.    

Buyer's Guide: Innovative Wealth Management Systems

Agile Software in the Era of Client-centric Functionality

This report reviews six wealth management systems solutions that provide users with innovative client-reporting functionality