As a GreySpark employee you can expect early responsibility and rapid career progression commensurate with your efforts, skills and entrepreneurial nous. We offer a clearly defined career path and apply a meritocratic process in promoting the next tranches of leaders in our growing firm.

1. Analyst Consultant

The Analyst Consultant’s primary function is to develop their consulting skills by working on client engagements.

2. Senior Consultant

A Senior Consultant is typically a seasoned professional with considerable experience in their chosen domain. Senior Consultants will also be required to act as mentors or team leaders to Analysts, and are expected to confidently engage with clients with minimal supervision.

3. Lead Consultant

A Lead Consultant is a subject matter expert with extensive experience in their chosen domain. Lead Consultants will be thought leaders in their field and will act as a go-to person for their field of expertise. They will typically spearhead a service offering to clients around their area of expertise.

4. Managing Consultant

A Managing Consultant has full line management responsibility for a team, or practice within the firm. He or she is responsible for career and skills development within the practice, and will be expected to lead client engagements without supervision.

5. Principal Consultant

Principal Consultants are seasoned at both client delivery, as well as pre-sales consulting. They will also be capable managers and will typically be accountable for a profit centre within the company.

6. Partner

Partner is the highest level within the company. Partners will participate in the strategic management of the firm, and will be instrumental in setting corporate strategy, defining direction and growing the GreySpark franchise.