GreySpark is its people. Therefore, the quality of our recruitment is core to our business. To achieve the level of quality in our candidates, we have high hiring standards and a thorough recruitment process that consists of 4 stages.

Screening Interview

This is conducted by our HR team as an initial, informal telephone conversation where we aim to establish a mutual willingness to proceed to the formal interview stage. It usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Business Interview

This first formal interview is typically conducted by a GreySpark Business Development Manager. The primary purpose of the interview is to ascertain your consulting, relationship-building and communications skills. This face-to-face interview takes 45 minutes to an hour. At this point, depending on your skill-set, you may be asked to write a test either at our premises or at your leisure via our online testing web-site.

Technical Interview

At this second, more technically rigorous interview, you will be interviewed by a senior member of our consulting team. The purpose of this session is for us to assess your domain skills in your chosen area of expertise. In some cases, we may require candidates to engage in a role play exercise where we are then better able to measure their skills and experience.

Management Interview

This is the final stage of the hiring process. It is a one hour interview with a Partner and is the basis upon which the final hiring decision is made.