Our organisation is built on merit, respect, team effort and loyalty.

At GreySpark we offer a working environment where people can learn, grow, be creative, take responsibility, manage, share ideas and knowledge, build a network and ultimately be successful in achieving their ambitions. We want our professionals to be proud of being a part of an international, fast-pace, growing organisation with great prospects.

Strong Leadership and Expertise

The firm offers strong leadership with a clear vision for the future of GreySpark. Our management team is personable and approachable, very hands-on and leads by example. We have significant knowledge and experience to offer our professionals with great guidance and support for self-starters.

Fast-track your career

GreySpark provides the best opportunities available for people to fast-track their careers. We offer the opportunity to grow and attain levels of seniority within a growing company. Bringing skills and industry knowledge is not enough. Our top professionals are innovative and have an entrepreneurial mind-set that will grow our business on a daily basis, which will give them the opportunity to become subject-matter experts and thought leaders.

Challenge and Reward

Working at GreySpark is both challenging and rewarding. We believe in sharing the spoils of our success with all who have had a hand in delivering it and our bonus scheme demonstrates this. We work in a target-driven and results-focused environment designed to challenge our professionals to push the limits of what’s possible. We recognise their accomplishments and reward them for successful delivery, through promotion and significant bonuses on top of an attractive remuneration package.

Learning & Development

Working at GreySpark is a learning experience. We require our professionals to be on a constant learning curve, continuing to develop their industry, business and technical skills. Skills development is available through mentoring, on-the-job training, knowledge-sharing, working groups and formal training opportunities. Engaging with our research practice, Capital Markets Intelligence, affords every consultant yet another avenue of skills development.