Key Facts:


French Investment Bank


Ecommerce FX Trading

Asset Class:





12 Months

Context and Objectives

The client had embarked upon an investment on colocation technology for their FX Pricing Engines to be located close to the source of their providers of FX market price streams. This provided them a competitive advantage through low latency trading of FX currencies on their single dealer trading platform.

GreySpark was asked to provide a Senior Consultant with an infrastructure and project management background to assist in the delivery of this project.


  • Project initiation plans and budget forecast
  • Procurement plans for new hardware resources
  • Implementation plans and coordination of deliveries across application, IT and APS teams
  • Infrastructure handover documentation for support sign-off and acceptance
  • Application development roadmap to activate colocation trading
  • Formalise project processes and design templates for expansion of colocation sites to Asia

GreySpark’s Approach

The project was delivered as part of an on going programme to deliver competitive advantage through the use of low latency technologies.

  • A senior consultant with Technical Project Management experience
  • A full account of details from the client previous colocation project
  • Instigated a fast track project plan encompassing all the lessons learnt from the previous colocation project
  • Delivered the completed colocation site with sign off from infrastructure support and application support
  • Supported the client with market research on low latency message bus technology

Client Benefits

  • The client was able to meet regulatory obligations and improvde client data quality, front-to-back.
  • A technical STP front-to-back client data management infrastructure was implemented.
  • Equity derivative static data was cleansed and migrated to the Golden Source platform.
  • Equity finance client settlement data was cleansed and migrated to the Golden Source Platform.