GreySpark is a business and technology consultancy that specialises in mission-critical areas of the Capital Markets industry.

Global wholesale finance is changing. Economic imperatives, assertive regulations, changing client demands and disruptive technologies will significantly reshape the industry. We help our clients to address these challenges and adapt to the new environment wherever they operate.

GreySpark is a professional services firm. Our product is our people: our insights, our expertise, our passion and our dedication. The quality of GreySpark is directly proportional to the quality of the individuals making up the organisation.

We understand that consulting is about bringing innovative, pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges. We understand that our clients will only engage us if we can provide a substantial part of the solution to the problems that they cannot solve alone. This is our mission.

We believe that, for our clients, real value comes from combining impeccable delivery capabilities with an intimate understanding of our client’s business. It is our duty to make sure that whatever solution is specified, designed, built, implemented and operated is the best fit for purpose, now and tomorrow.

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