We often work onsite, embedded within our clients’ organisation, and we intervene across three continents. The glue that binds all of us together is a set of shared values. They are the foundation of our firm’s culture.


We do not just want to be good at what we do, we want to be the best. We aspire to be the best consultancy firm our clients will ever work with. We strive to always improve on what we have done before and we aim to be the best company our staff will ever work for.


There are many ways to conduct business, however, for us, there is only one: the honest, hardworking way. This means there cannot be any shortcuts. We put our clients first and always behave with courtesy and professionalism.


Commercial awareness for the benefit of our clients is paramount to their success, and therefore ours. A career in consulting is, first of all, a career in business, and the individuals joining GreySpark are people who chose to be instrumental in building a business that they will be able to claim a share of.