Trust is at the centre of everything we do – it is the hardest currency to earn and the quickest to lose.

Our business is built on the trust that our clients place in us: in the abilities of our consultants, in our reputation among their peers and in our ability to work in partnership with them. Our corporate philosophy ensures that we never lose sight of this simple truth.

We believe that tangible results can only be delivered by combining discipline in execution, in-depth industry knowledge and experience, with a genuine customer services mentality and fresh thinking. That is why two thirds of our consultants are seasoned professional joining us from within the industry. They work alongside individuals with a strong background in management consulting or financial technology.
We operate in a high velocity industry; experience alone is not enough when facing challenges never encountered before. In order to remain the best in the business, we constantly invest in developing our knowledge base and building our own intellectual property. GreySpark’s Capital Market Intelligence unit is entirely dedicated to that mission, bringing cutting-edge research and up-to-date business intelligence to our consultants and our clients.
We remain completely independent. We are not tied to specific vendors or third-party suppliers, we do not resell vendor products or receive any commissions or finder fees. Our recommendations always reflect what we genuinely believe is the best solution to solve a specific problem for a given client.
We never forget that humility is a cardinal virtue. The success of any project is dependent on our ability to work with our clients’ staff and, often, with other suppliers, in order to deliver the results transfer skills. We also recognise the limits of our capabilities and will not undertake a project that we cannot deliver to the highest standards.