Key Facts:


US Investment Bank



Asset Class:

Cash Equities, Listed Derivatives, Rates, Credit, FX, Commodities




8 weeks

Context and Objectives

  • After 18 months of the launch of a new single-dealer platform (SDP), the client decided to review the strategy for e-commerce across all asset classes and business lines.
  • GreySpark was asked to create an impartial, evidence-based recommendation on the focus areas for the client’s new e-commerce strategy.


  • Map of the requirements of the main nine groups of SDP users (pre-trade, execution and post trade across asset classes).
  • Benchmarking of client’s SDP offering for the nine user groups against seven other leading SDPs from Tier I investment banks.
  • Conclusions from the comparison of functional capabilities and users’ priorities; an actionable recommendation for the client’s e-commerce strategy.

GreySpark’s Approach

The report findings were sourced from:

  • Dedicated interviews with a representative group of buyside clients.
  • Set of benchmarks from GreySpark’s annual E-commerce survey
  • Hands-on experience working with the banks included in the comparative sample

GreySpark’s unique benchmarking model provides an in-depth information while keeping proprietary information anonymised.

Client Benefits

  • The client received an evidence-based recommendation that set-up the framework for the e-commerce strategy.
  • The client’s strategy was based on an in-depth understanding of the requirements and priorities of the end-users of SDPs.
  • The rich set of GreySpark’s benchmarks provided confidence to the decision-makers in the bank that their strategy is build on solid assumptions.