Key Facts:


Australasian Investment Bank


Front-office trading, Compliance, Risk Technology

Asset Class:

Algorithmic Trading




5 Months

Context and Objectives

Following a preliminary Pre-Trade Risk review done by GreySpark, this leading Australasian investment bank required GreySpark to perform the actual assessment for its entirety of Electronic Execution Systems (EES).

GreySpark conducted a full scope assessment including all streams involved in EES execution flow for the Bank covering Governance, Quality & Change management, Availability, Performance & Scalability and Pre Trade Risk controls. This was in turn cross referenced against proprietary information and industry best practice to advise the client on control improvements.


  • EES systems execution flows by region.
  • EES application cartography by Business lines and information systems architecture layers.
  • Global RACI matrix and preliminary Organizational model
  • Heat map, gap analysis and recommendations by stream and by business lines.

GreySpark’s Approach

GreySpark completed the following tasks:

  • Performed review with key stakeholders
  • Completed gap analysis in context of execution flow and against industry benchmark
  • Reported findings and recommendations as part of EES Risk Operating Committees
  • Ensured all actions are flagged for follow through by Bank ORM

Client Benefits

Key benefits to the client included:

  • An independent assessment of risk management capabilities on all streams globally for APAC (AU included).
  • Clear schematic and architectural representation of global exec systems flow, cartography and heat maps.
  • A comprehensive series of recommendations integrated in the Bank ORM process