Key Facts:


Swiss Investment Bank


Front Office Equity and FID, Investment Banking

Asset Class:

All Asset Classes




9 Months

Context and Objectives

The bank identified a potential serious loss which was raised to the regulator and resulted in a substantial fine. This lead to a regulatory requirement program to provide more comprehensive controls and reporting. The immediate result was a high volume of non-targeted reports.

To meet regulatory requirements the bank started a tactical to strategic program of controls, the FO supervision dashboard being the go-to point for metrics and risk management. This included 14 key metrics at launch in 2014 with a further 21 planned for 2015.


  • Single view dashboard for all front-to-back metrics identified as core to risk management (circa 35 named metrics covering IB FO).
  • Data sourcing from a tactical and strategic view. Tactical data to be on-boarded with first iteration of core metrics to be provided within three months of start.
  • Build of a centralised golden source of metric data.
  • Design and build GUI and enable global view to a desk level.

GreySpark’s Approach

GreySpark analysed the metrics and data sources required, which were cross referenced with available tactical and strategic data. The follow tasks were identified:

  • Deliver business requirements and technical design documents based on GreySpark data analysis
  • Build and design golden data source and create reporting
  • Adapt tactical (Excel based) UI to format results
  • Report back to the regulator

Client Benefits

  • The dashboard developed provides a single golden source and a global view of metrics for use by COOs
  • The source data can be cut quickly to give a consolidated view across one or many metrics – saves time and provides data transparency
  • The dashboard satisfies regulator demands and provides key control and risk management across all regions