Key Facts:


French Investment Bank


Operations, Technology, IT Function

Asset Class:

FX, FX Options, Precious Metals




1 year

Context and Objectives

To provide and assist the client with Technology Project Management:

  • Client has an FX eCommerce platform primary focused on low latency FX trading
  • The platform has undergone a significant change to enhance its performance and capabilities through continuous Agile software enhancements
  • The project initiatives are largely focused on migrating to C++, core development to improve stability, and expansion into new colocation sites


Senior Consultant was able to deliver:

  • Project plans for various initiatives; Perforce to SVN Migration; New York Environment Build-out; Server Consolidation.
  • Clean up of depreciated components from servers, build scripts, etc.
  • Kick-started process to upgrade servers across Development and Production environments.
  • Initiated project to improve deployment procedures and tools.

GreySpark’s Approach

Through previous assignments with the client, GreySpark was able to:

  • Identify and understand the client requirements to a detailed level.
  • Understand the need to deploy a highly skilled Senior Consultant to manage a series of new projects.
  • Improve reporting and management of projects risks and issues.
  • Deliver new tools and mature processes for future projects.
  • Develop strong relationships with sponsors and stakeholders.

Client Benefits

  • Streamlining delivery handover to QA.
  • Improved platform stability from DoS Attack.
  • Improved latency performance of Market Adaptors.
  • Improved ease of deployment.
  • Improved latency by collocating adjacent to US customers and data providers.
  • Reduced complexity of environments.
  • Improved platform performance through upgrades and component consolidation