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January 2012

Buy or get bought

Following the failed merger between London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and TMX in June, Dan Barnes looks at exchanges’ strategies for growth and discusses the risks set for exchanges in becoming a target for takeover, as well as how the clearing landscape is set to change. GreySpark is of the opinion that to keep its independence, exchange group will need to obtain smaller regional exchanges.

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GreySpark Partners Reveals First Glimpse of the New OTC Clearing Landscape

A unique snapshot of the new over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives landscape and the true impact of the impending regulations has been uncovered by a new research report conducted by GreySpark Partners. “OTC Derivative Clearing: Navigating the New Regulatory Landscape” is the culmination of surveys and interviews with key industry participants over a period of three months. The report explains how the various regulations will impact these participants and paints a picture of how the new regulatory landscape will look.

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A Tangled Solution

GreySpark looks at the move towards a consolidated tape in European markets. They maintain that the development of a consolidated tape will be fraught with issues around its commercials: how much it will cost for users and market data vendors, how these providers unbundle information, and how the data will be sold.

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