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June 2017

Regulatory Compliance as a Costs-Saving Customer Service

GreySpark Partners has published a new report examining the imminent changes a proactive and principles-based approach to regulation will have on the investment banking industry. The report, titled Best Practices in Sellside Regulation Implementation, argues that the post-financial crisis regulatory regime provides banks the autonomy and flexibility to decide how they want to approach and position compliance within their organisations in ways that will ultimately help create self-regulating institutions.

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Imminent Futurisation of OTC Fixed Income Derivatives Market Forcing Banks to Rethink Structure

A new report from GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, finds that while the so-called ‘futurisation’ – or transferral of bilateral swaps liquidity flows into an exchange-traded futures market environment – of the OTC IRS and CDS markets in the EU and the US is not yet occurring, there are signs that the effect may simply be delayed by pending regulatory deadlines in the EU.

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