About Us

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between business and technology is essential for navigating today’s fast-paced financial landscape.

GreySpark Partners provides the expert advice necessary to deliver change to investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms. The deep understanding of the financial services sector we have gained through our collective experience, creativity and tenacity enable us to consistently deliver the best results for our clients.
We are passionate about understanding capital markets. But more importantly, we are passionate about guiding our clients through the ever-shifting landscape of regulations, customer needs and competition to help them make the right decisions for the right reasons.

This is an industry that is constantly reinventing itself and our clients’ success is directly correlated to their ability to evolve and adapt. We bring discipline and agility to the art of driving change by delivering projects that support that change, big or small, strategic or tactical.

We understand that financial institutions can only prosper if they innovate with their customers in mind. GreySpark is made up of consultants and strategists, project managers and researchers, business analysts and technology engineers, all of whom are focused on maximising efficiency to ensure that our clients can focus on the activities that create true value.

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between business and technology is essential for navigating today’s fast-paced financial landscape. GreySpark’s FinTech expertise and insight remains unparalleled. From the selection and implementation of today’s best-of-breed technologies to the identification of the companies that will constitute the fabric of electronic capital markets tomorrow, we facilitate correct technological adaptation for our clients.


We put our clients first, our colleagues second and ourselves last. We strive to always improve on what we have done before and to deliver high-quality, impactful work for all our clients.

Trust is at the centre of everything we do – it is the hardest currency to earn and the easiest to lose. Our business is built on the trust that our clients place in us and our abilities, and we work to maintain that trust every day. We deliver what we promise and we strive to be and to do better, project after project.

We believe that tangible results can only be delivered by combining in-depth industry knowledge and experience with a genuine customer services mentality and fresh, creative thinking. Our decades of cumulative experience provide us with extensive insight into the capital markets industry and unparalleled skill in addressing pressing client needs in a thoughtful, deliberate manner.

With every engagement, we deepen our knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry and the processes, technology and infrastructure required to make impactful change. Findings from each project are analysed, catalogued and distributed throughout GreySpark, ensuring continuous learning and improvement.

Our consultants and researchers are subject matter experts who leverage their knowledge and experience to deliver true value to our clients. We commit to delivering what we prescribe and what we promise and we work hard to ensure that we do it right.

Core Values

The glue that binds all of us together is a set of shared values. We work onsite, embedded within our clients’ organisations, or at one of our five offices but our core values remain the foundation of our firm’s culture.

We are experts in both our clients’ businesses and the technologies underpinning them. We bring discipline to each project to improve on what we have done before.

The only sustainable way to conduct ourselves is the honest, hardworking way. We align our clients’ long-term interests with our own and refuse to rely on shortcuts. We are committed to working the right way for each and every client.

We provide our team with the opportunity to be instrumental in building a business that they can ultimately claim as their own. By encouraging our people to nurture and develop their individual skillsets, we empower them to build a niche all of their own.

Our Clients

With locations in five countries, we are ready to mobilise and service clients where and when they need us. We have delivered projects to clients in 14 countries across 4 continents.
Global Investment Banks
Regional Investment Banks
Buyside and Private Equity Firms
Technology and Data Vendors