Research & Strategy

GreySpark specialises in high-quality capital markets research that helps industry leaders understand micro- and macro-level industry changes and develop successful, responsive strategies and solutions. By prioritising knowledge-building across the firm, we are able to identify and observe important trends across the industry. Our observations are shared in our publications and in a client-specific strategy advisory context.
GreySpark’s innovative approach to research relies on:
  • Practical, hands-on experience gained through the delivery of business and technology solutions to financial institutions
  • Close relationships with a large number of decision makers across all segments of the financial industry
  • Rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis
GreySpark research & strategy services include:
  • Capital Markets Research
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Due Dilligence
  • Vendor Selection

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28 Feb, 2018 in Case Studies, Commercial Strategy, Due Diligence, FinTech Advisory

Investment Strategy and Commercial Due Diligence: Target Assessment and Investment Thesis Substantiation

The client, a US-based multi billion-dollar Private Equity Fund, considered investing in companies that specialise in electronic trading systems across cash equities, listed derivatives and fixed income. The client’s assessment…
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28 Feb, 2018 in Case Studies, Due Diligence, FinTech Advisory, Technical Analysis, Technology Accelerator

Technology Due Diligence Exercise

IONA is a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) decision making project originated by large private equity fund for assessing the integration possibility between an online digital bank (Bank A) and a…
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28 Feb, 2018 in Case Studies, FinTech Advisory, Vendor Selection

Vendor Intelligence: Company Analysis, Client Analysis and Market Overview

The client engaged GreySpark to perform financial and product capability analysis of a trading technology vendor that services both buyside and sellside financial institutions.
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2 Jan, 2018 in Case Studies, Commercial Strategy, FinTech Advisory, Vendor Selection

Market Entry Strategy: Advised C-level Executives

A Japanese bank undertook business development planning for the US, European and Asian (ex-Japan) markets in the long term (3-6 years).
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25 Mar, 2015 in Business Consulting, Case Studies, Research & Strategy

Colocation of FX Trading Platform in New York

The client had embarked upon an investment on colocation technology for their FX Pricing Engines to be located close to the source of their providers of FX market price streams.
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12 Mar, 2015 in Case Studies, Research & Strategy, Technology

E-Commerce Platform Review and Competitive Benchmarking

After 18 months of the launch of a new single-dealer platform (SDP), the client decided to review the strategy for e-commerce across all asset classes and business lines.
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