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Integrating Cyber Security into the CI/CD Pipeline

One of the most difficult challenges companies face today is how to be more flexible and adaptive in a dynamic business environment. ‘Speed to market’ demands identifying and capitalizing on opportunities as soon as they appear and has become a major driver for the adoption of DevOps in the financial market industry. These changes have paved the way for new design approaches such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) based on automated configuration and provisioning.

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Understanding Research Unbundling and Why The GDPR Should Not Be Forgotten – Part 1

The first article in a two-part series,  Johnson Oni outlines how MiFID II’s research unbundling mandates pose significant operational and tactical challenges to sellside institutions. Part 2, to be published next week, will explore how the process of becoming MiFID II research unbundling compliant may, in fact, breach the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Recruitment: Ready for 2018

2017 has been an exciting time for GreySpark due to the growth of our two new offices in New York and Edinburgh. Edinburgh has done extremely well, hiring three new consultants over the summer period. New York has also made some great progress and we have built a great pipe of consultants who are ready to go in 2018.

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Capital Markets Intelligence: A (Brief) Letter from the Head of the Practice

This past year was an eventful one for GreySpark’s thought leadership research practice. As always, we are very grateful to our loyal subscriber sponsors and readers, CMI Blog browsers and – indeed – to our subject matter expert colleagues across the capital markets industry, within GreySpark’s client base and within GreySpark as a whole for their commentary, feedback and general inputs into our now well-established research product.

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Risk & Regulations: MiFID II, MiFID II, MiFID II

In 2017, GreySpark has enjoyed a fruitful project pipeline in terms of helping its clients with many aspects of MiFID II. RTS 6 brought HFT and electronic trading very much into the spotlight, and our service offering approach has enabled us to assist many of our clients to document their governance and algorithms, which is a necessary requirement for all banks and brokers with an electronic business. We have also run significant projects working with clients to deliver their overall MiFID II programme, providing experienced subject matter experts in regulatory change, as well as seasoned project managers and programme managers. Implementing solutions for transaction reporting to provide transparency, and surveillance to capture market abuse, were also among the project themes that we were involved in throughout 2017.

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Celebrating Five Years in Hong Kong!

GreySpark started eight years ago in London, with five founding Partners, a handful of consultants and ambitious plans. Only three years later, we were able to make our growing company an international one with an office in Hong Kong. We take a look back at the office’s early days and share what made the Hong Kong business a success.

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