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Press Releases

Importance of Banks in Inter-dealer Spot FX Trading to Continue to Decline

GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consultancy, has published a new report exploring how banks have become less central to the management of liquidity flows in the spot FX market due to the commoditisation and proliferation of prime brokerage (PB) and direct market access (DMA) services for buyside firms seeking access to dealer-to-dealer (D2D) liquidity pools.

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DevOps Revolution Encompasses Global Infrastructure Cloud Providers

In recent years, the cloud computing services space has increased the variety and maturity of its solutions for the financial services sector. A key focus of cloud providers is to facilitate a DevOps environment for their infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clients. As a result, the appeal of cloud technology solutions in terms of cost efficiencies and technological and business flexibility to firms across the financial services sector is increasing.

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EU Buyside Firms to Benefit from Long-term Regulation Agenda

A new report from GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, examines the impact to-date of a collection of EU regulations posing a series of operational and business model challenges for the buyside industry in the region and globally. Specifically, the report argues that buyside firms should proactively implement regulatory changes to their businesses on a global basis and manage the compliance processes on an ongoing basis.

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Regulations are Driving Risk Management Systems to Become More Sophisticated and Integrated into Business, IT and Operational Processes

A new report from GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, assesses seven technology vendor solutions that address market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and counterparty risk in the capital markets space. The vendors reviewed in the report are: Calypso, Imagine Software, Murex, MSCI, Orchestrade, Prime Analytics and The Technancial Company.

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Cyber-risk among the greatest dangers for the financial services industry

A new report from GreySpark Partners shows that financial firms cannot afford to relax their vigilance against cyber-attacks on any level. Providing impenetrable cyber-security in today’s vast and interconnected electronic financial services industry is a nearly impossible task, and instituting measures that provide the required level of protection is putting security teams under significant pressure. However, cyber-security is not just an IT issue and it increasingly involves business-side managers, who are becoming more instrumental in focusing investment in financial institutions.

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Banks and Buy-Side Failing to Act on Benefits and Opportunities of Big Data

A new two-part report from GreySpark Partners shows that financial firms on the buy and sell-side are failing to effectively use Big Data technology to their advantage. Examining how Big Data technology is being used by banks and other types of financial institutions in 2016, the two sections of the study – respectively Big Data Technology in Investment Banking, and Big Data Use Cases in Financial Services – claim that, while Big Data solutions are increasingly being deployed by the companies to manage the voluminous amounts of structured and unstructured data that they hold, many of them are not using the technology effectively.

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