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29 Jul, 2019

Extracting Business Insights from Managed FIX Services

Managed FIX services are evolving from infrastructure service solutions into robust connectivity ecosystems that provide brokers with rich insights into the trading habits of their clients.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
4 Jun, 2019

What is ‘Digital Age’ Technology for CIBs?

From the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, corporate and investment banks were a tremendous engine of technology innovation.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
29 May, 2019

What Does Managing Data as an Asset Mean for CIBs?

Banks are one of the greatest engines for generating data: daily, they collectively produce petabytes of transactions, prices, risk metrics, customer information....


20 Jun, 2018

Preparing for the Post-Brexit Landscape

The British decision to withdraw from the EU represents the most significant shift in UK politics in a half-century. Although the terms for a successful withdrawal are not yet finalised,…
5 Jun, 2018

Can Agile Methods Be Applied to the Enterprise?

Can Agile Methods Be Applied to the Enterprise? To expand Agile principles from individual IT teams throughout large multidisciplinary organisations is possible but the crucial first step must come from…
23 May, 2018

GreySpark Highlights ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’

GreySpark Highlights 'Prevention Is Better Than Cure' Recent events have amply demonstrated the continuing need for rigorous testing and quality assurance processes within financial institutions. Current IT implementation issues affecting…

Press Releases

Press Releases
4 Sep, 2018

Despite Lack of Real-money Investors, the Cryptocurrencies Marketplace is Institutionalising

A new, freely available report from GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, shows how key characteristics of the global cryptocurrencies trading landscape are now maturing to a…
Press Releases
14 Jun, 2018

Australian FinTech and GreySpark Partners to collaborate on Research & Strategic Advisory for the Australian Financial Industry

GreySpark Partners, a global business and technology consulting firm, and Australian FinTech, an online space dedicated to promoting the development of the FinTech industry in Australia, are pleased to announce a…
Press Releases
8 May, 2018

GreySpark Launches Software Testing Service Offering

GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, announced the launch of its new Programme Test Management & Quality Assurance service offering, a suite of testing related services designed…