The Digital Maturity Index for Investment Banks

In 2013, capital markets consultancy GreySpark Partners began exploring the growing trend of digital transformation within the global investment banking industry, subsequently explicating the findings of that examination over the course of several research reports. GreySpark’s perspective underpinning the identification of digital transformation as a trend within the industry is simple: The automation of front-office client- and markets-facing processes and workflows resulting from the adoption of e-commerce and e-trading business models and principles will revolutionise the historical configuration of the whole of the corporate and investment banking sector over the next 10-20 years.
What remains complex is the development of a precise understanding of when efforts toward achieving new, digitally-transformed states will fully manifest within the banking industry, resulting in the creation of an automated, front-to-back reality for wholesale markets financing, lending and trading services. In 2019, a new GreySpark service offering – the Digital Maturity Index for Investment Banks – aims to bring clarity to that complexity through the assembly of 60-plus banks’ assessments of the veracity of their respective digital innovation target states and the expression of those objectives to-date within the sophistication of their current front-office functional capabilities.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
12 Mar, 2019

Is Digital Transformation a Threat to the Business Model of Corporate & Investment Banking?

What originally started as ‘electronification’ – the automation of external-facing, front-office processes and workflows – has become much more pervasive, and it now encompasses the entire value-chain.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
18 Mar, 2019

Is Digitalisation an Opportunity for Corporate & Investment Banks?

Over the past decade, both the environment in which CIBs operate and the rules that they need to abide by have drastically changed.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
25 Mar, 2019

What Are Buyside Clients Seeking from Digitalised Corporate & Investment Banks?

A decade after the financial crisis, the buyside (asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and large corporates) have changed at least as much as the investments banks that serve them.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
2 Apr, 2019

What Does a “Digital Culture” Mean for CIBs?

“Corporate culture” refers to the beliefs and norms that determine how a company's employees and management behave when conducting business interactions and transactions.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
15 Apr, 2019

What does “Digital Manufacturing” Mean for CIBs?

A digitalised corporate and investment bank is erected on four distinct and complementary pillars.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
21 May, 2019

What Does “Digital Distribution” Mean for CIBs?

The one area where digitalisation within the corporate and investment banking industry has been taking place for the longest is within the realm of e-commerce.
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
29 May, 2019

What Does Managing Data as an Asset Mean for CIBs?

Banks are one of the greatest engines for generating data: daily, they collectively produce petabytes of transactions, prices, risk metrics, customer information....
BlogDelta-XDigital Industrialisation & Transformation
4 Jun, 2019

What is ‘Digital Age’ Technology for CIBs?

From the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, corporate and investment banks were a tremendous engine of technology innovation.

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